Welcome to Boeken voor Mensen (“Books for People”)

The Boeken voor Mensen (i.e. Books for People) foundation aims to give a new life to used books. To achieve this we sell second-hand books, but also records, CDs and DVDs for very low prices. The proceeds are being used to support charities in the region.

The foundation runs entirely on volunteers, who carefully select and sort the books. You can now choose from more than 170,000 books, in the most diverse genres of fiction and non-fiction. We also have books in English, French and German.

Where you can find us

Fran├žois de Veyestraat 8-B, 6221 AB Maastricht (next to Noorderbrug).

Opening hours

Every working day (Mon-Fri), from 10:00 to 14:00.


  • Cash
  • Using the bank app on your smart phone or with card